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A group of Warwick University students and staff led by Liam Lewis, then a final-year French Studies undergraduate, now a PhD student, set up a medieval music group, Medieval Song at Warwick. The group has given free public concerts and made some recordings of these, along with individual performances of Occitan and/or Old French crusade songs.

On 14 May 2014 at Warwick University Francesco Carapezza recorded musical performances of some Old French and Occitan lyrics. Listen to a recorded interview in Italian where he describes the music and his personal feelings about them, discusses what the manuscripts tell us about the melodies, and explains his approach to performing them; or download a transcript of the interview in Italian or a translation into English.

For modern editions of the melodies see the individual online texts under ‘Versification and music’, and the following collections:

Beck 1937: J. Beck, Anthologie de cent chansons de trouvères et de troubadours des XIIe et XIIIe siècles (Philadelphia, 1937)

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van der Werf 1977, 1999: Trouveres-Melodien, herausgegeben von H. van der Werf (Kassel,1977, 1979 (Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi, XI, XII).

van der Werf – Bond: The Extant Troubadour Melodies: Transcriptions and Essays for Performers and Scholars, ed. by H. van der Werf, G. A. Bond text editor (Rochester, 1984).