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Crusades workshop

A one-day research workshop open to the general public took place in London at Senate House on Saturday 22 March 2014. The speakers included members of the project team and various eminent historians. The programme can be downloaded here. A book based on some of the papers with others added has been published by Boydell in 2018.

Front cover

It includes the following contributions:

Simon John, ‘Claruit Ibi Multum Dux Lotharingiae: The Development of the Epic Tradition of Godfrey of Bouillon and the Bisected Muslim

Carol Sweetenham, Reflecting and Refracting Reality: the Use of Poetic Sources in Latin Accounts of the First Crusade

Stephen Spencer, Emotions and the ‘Other’: Emotional Characterisations of Muslim Protagonists in Narratives of the Crusades (1095–1192)

Simon Parsons, A Unique Song of the First Crusade? New observations on the Hatton 77 manuscript of the Siège d’Antioche

Luca Barbieri, Crusade songs and the Old French literary canon

Miriam Cabré, Wielding the Cross: Crusade References in Cerverí de Girona and Thirteenth-Century Catalan Historiography

Anna Radaelli, ‘Voil ma chançun a la gent fere oïr’: an Anglo-Norman Crusade Appeal

Charmaine Lee, Richard the Lionheart: the Background to ‘Ja nus homs pris’

Jean Dunbabin, Charles of Anjou, Crusaders and Poets

Helen Nicholson, Remembering the Crusaders in Cyprus: the Lusignans, the Hospitallers and the 1191 Conquest of Cyprus in Jean d'Arras's ‘Mélusine’

John Gillingham has published separately on the subject of his workshop talk : see John Gillingham, ‘Crusading Warfare, Chivalry, and the Enslavement of Women and Children’, in The Medieval Way of War. Studies in Medieval Military History in Honor of Bernard S. Bachrach, ed. Gregory I Halfond, Framingham State University, USA, Ashgate, 2015, pp. 133-51.

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