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Old French trouvères

Sung by Francesco Carapezza

RS6 Seignor, saichies(echo).mp3
RS21 Chanterai(echo).mp3
RS140 Aler m'estuet(echo).mp3
RS679 A vous, amant(echo).mp3
RS1125 Ahi! Amors(echo).mp3
RS1126 S'onkes nus hom(echo).mp3
RS1152 Au tans plain.mp3
RS1548 Chevalier(echo).mp3
RS1576 Jerusalem(echo).mp3
RS1887 Nus ne poroit(echo).mp3

You can also access these performances under Old French texts or Occitan texts.

Listen to a recorded interview in Italian where Professor Carapezza describes the music and his personal feelings about them, discusses what the manuscripts tell us about the melodies, and explains his approach to performing them; or download a transcript of the interview in Italian or a translation into English.