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After all this weary journeying I have arrived at the left half of your room.

It was the morning prayers that woke me, and this town with its belly at
sea level is leaving its beds. I can see you now with water dripping
from your feet, kneeling before the window with no daylight in it.

You told me solemnly, H​e is closer to me than my jugular vein.​ And I
said nothing, rather than showing you doubt or dismissal. Ever since
you kept me here in this land, I haven’t cried for benediction to my lord.

You’ve changed the fear in me and I constantly push it towards you, willing
you to have it. In your sleep you are impervious to me. I ask for
nothing, not even forgiveness. I touch five fingers to your open
neck and thank Your god that I made it here.
This will be the last battle, the battle I’ll always choose.