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Academic Staff

Alexander, jennifer

Dr Jenny Alexander, Department of History of Art

Research interests: Medieval Art and Architecture especially the study of medieval and early modern buildings, their construction and use.

 Catherine Bates

Professor Catherine Bates, English and Comparative Literary Studies. (Mellon Fellow at the Huntington Library 2017-18).

Research interests: Literature and culture of the Renaissance period, especially courtly poetry of the sixteenth-century.

Paul Botley

Dr Paul Botley, English and Comparative Literary Studies.

Research interests: classical tradition in early modern literature; renaissance letters; neo-Latin literature. Research projects include: The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon, 1610-1614


Dr Bryan Brazeau. Senior Teaching Fellow (Liberal Arts), and Venice Academic Lead in the school of Cross-Faculty Studies.

Research Interests: Italian renaissance epic (Boiardo, Ariosto, Tasso), Poetics of the sacred, Sixteenth-Century Christian Epic (Latin and Italian), Counter-Reformation culture, Dante reception, Digital Humanities.


 Louise Bourdua

Dr Louise Bourdua, Department of History of Art (on research leave 2017-18)

Research interests: Artistic patronage, religious orders and intersections between the Veneto and Northern Europe in the later middle ages and Renaissance. Research projects include: Family Values: Locating the Family in the Early Modern Italian Workshop

 campbell, emma

Dr Emma Campbell, Modern Languages, French.

Research interests: Old French literature; manuscript studies; translation; modern philosophy and critical theory.


Professor Elizabeth Clarke, English and Comparative Literary Studies (part-time).

Research interests: seventeenth-century religious poetry, spirituality and religious writing, particularly by nonconformists and women and women’s manuscript writing. Research projects include: The John Nichols Project; Constructing Elizabeth Isham; the Perdita Project

Cooley, Alison

Professor Alison Cooley, Classics

Research interests: All aspects of the Roman world - social, cultural, economic, and political.

Jonathan Davies

Dr Jonathan Davies, Department of History (Venice coordinator, in Venice during Term 1).

Research interests: The history of the Italian states (especially Tuscany) between 1350 and 1600, Violence in early modern Europe.

 Ingrid De Smet

Professor Ingrid De Smet, Professor Ingrid De Smet (Modern Languages, French), Director of the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance & Academic Director, Warwick in Venice

Research interests: Neo-Latin literature and intellectual culture in France, the Low Countries, and Italy (1550-1650); the Classical tradition, humanism, and the history of scholarship; the history of the book; satire, polemics and conflict; falconry and hunting in the Renaissance and Early Modern period.



Dr Aysu Dincer Hadjianastasis, History

Research Interests: History of Venice; Social and economic history of early medieval England; England and Scotland in the fifteenth.

Earle, Rebecca

Professor Rebecca Earle, Comparative American Studies

Research interests: History of food, Spanish America, nationalism, letter-writing, clothing.

Frey-Kupper, Suzanne 2

Professor Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Classics

Research interests: Reception of antiquity on coins and medals; Coinage of the Western Mediterranean.


Dr John T Gilmore, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: Neo-Latin verse, especially in the long eighteenth century; the history of translation into Latin verse as a means of introducing European readers to non-European literatures.

Simon Gilson

Professor Simon Gilson, Modern Languages, Italian.

Research interests: The relationship between literature and science, Renaissance Italy especially 15C and 16C Florence and Venice, Dante's reception in 14C, 15C and 16C Italy.

 Tess Grant

Dr Teresa Grant, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: Medieval and Renaissance drama, especially issues surrounding staging; Renaissance literature and culture. Research projects include, The James Shirley Project

 Hampton, Catherine

Dr Catherine Hampton, (Principal Teaching Fellow, Modern Languages, French).

Research interests: Vernacular literature produced at the French Renaissance court.


Mark Knights

Professor Mark Knights, Department of History.

Research interests: The political culture of early modern Britain c.1550 - c.1850, with particular interests in the integration of political and social history.

Beat Kumin

Professor Beat Kümin, Department of History.

Research interests: The cultural history of German-speaking Europe and England (c. 1400-1800), political agency, religious life and social exchange in local communities during the early modern period.

Lillywhite, Marie Louise

Dr Marie-Louise Lillywhite, History of Art

Research Interests: The influence of the Counter Reformation on 16C Venetian art.

David Lines

Dr David A Lines, Modern Languages, Italian.

Research interests: Ancient thought (especially Aristotelianism) in Renaissance Italy; Renaissance ethics, politics and science; institutions of culture and learning; libraries and history of the book. Research Projects include: The Vernacular Aristotelianism project and an International Network on ‘Renaissance Conflict and Rivalries'



mack, peter

Professor Peter Mack, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: Medieval and Renaissance European intellectual, cultural and literary history, and especially rhetoric.


marshall, Peter 2

Professor Peter Marshall, Department of History

Research interests: Early modern religious history, especially the Reformation and its impact


mcnamara, celeste

Dr Celeste McNamara Department of history (Venice coordinator, in Venice during Term 1).

Research interests: Renaissance history, catholic reform, Italian history, cultural and social history

Nievergelt, Marco

Dr Marco Nievergelt (Renaissance Centre, Director of Graduate Studies,English and Comparative Literature)

Research Interests: Late medieval and early modern literature, English and French: allegory; medieval theories of signification, perception and interpretation; the interactions between scholastic philosophy and literature in the later Middle Ages; the reception and translation of continental literature, particularly French, in England; chivalric literature and romances, medieval to early modern; late medieval crusading and ideas of holy war; the history of (textual) subjectivity and self-representation

Pascali, Luigi

Dr Luigi Pascali, Department of Economics

Research interests: Jewish Communities in the Italian Renaissance, Growth and Development.

Lorenzo Pericolo

Professor Lorenzo Pericolo, Department of History of Art

Research interests: Early modern religious art, Renaissance and Baroque art and theory, the influences and cross-fertilizations between the artistic centres of early modern Europe.
petit, caroline 2

Dr Caroline Petit, Classics and Ancient History, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow.

Research interests: textual transmission, translation and interpretation of ancient medical texts, especially Galen and the Galenic corpus

 paul prescott

Dr Paul Prescott, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: Shakespeare in performance, theatre history, the theory and practice of arts criticism, and schools and undergraduate pedagogy.

Rabone, Rich

Dr Rich Rabone (Modern Languages, Hispanic Studies)

Research Interests: Early
modern Spanish literature and intellectual culture; classical reception;


Dr Victoria Rimell (Classics & Ancient History)

Research interests: Imperial Latin literature, critical theory, gender studies, and the reception of classical texts

 Penny roberts

Professor Penny Roberts, Department of History

Research interests: The social, religious, cultural and political history of sixteenth-century France, especially its wars of religion (c.1562-1598).

 Carol Rutter

Professor Carol Rutter, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: Renaissance theatre and performance, the dialogue between performance and culture; Henry Wotton and the performance of Anglo-Venetian Embassy 1604-1610. Research projects include: The Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama Project

 Rosa Salzberg

Dr Rosa Salzberg, Department of History (on research leave 2016-18)

Research interests: The early Venetian printing industry, and particularly the production and circulation of ephemeral print.


Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, School of Cross Faculty Studies, Liberal Arts)

Research interests: Early modern English literature and history relating to historiography, religion, book history, Tudor politics, martyrdom

Margaret Shewring

Dr Margaret Shewring, Department of Theatre Studies

Research interests: Court and Civic Festivals of the European Renaissance, Theatre of the Renaissance and Restoration periods; and Shakespeare on the Contemporary Stage both in Britain and abroad.

 Tagliaferro, Giorgio

Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro, Department of History of Art

Research interests: 'Renaissance and Early Modern Italian Art, especially Venice'.

Maude Vanhaelen

Dr Maude Vanhaelen, Department of Classics & Ancient History and Modern Languages, Italian (on research leave 2017-18)

Research interests: Greek and Latin languages and literatures, Reception of Platonism in Quattrocento Florence, Humanistic translations and commentaries, Neoplatonism and Hermetism, Prisca Theologia.

 John West

Dr John West (English and Comparative Literary Studies

Research interests: 17th-century literature and culture; Civil War and Restoration poetry and drama, especially Dryden; literature and politics; literature and religion.

whitehead, christiania

Dr Christiania Whitehead, English and Comparative Literary Studies (on research leave 2016-18)

Research interests: Religious literature of the medieval period, including allegorical narratives, the medieval mystics, Middle English translations of Latin scholastic and devotional writing and their 15th-century audiences, the religious lyrics, and Latin and English hagiography.

Wood, Sarah

Dr Sarah Wood, English and Comparative Literary Studies (on leave in term 1)

Research interests: Piers Plowman, late medieval religious literature, allegory, alliterative poetry, authorial revision, and the history of the book.

xinyue_bobby crop

Dr Bobby Xinyue (Classics)

Research Interests: The reception of Ovid's Fasti in Renaissance Neo-Latin poetry