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Renaissance Centre Post Graduate Students

Akopyan, Ovanes

Ovanes Akopyan PhD

'Controversies on Astrology in Renaissance Italy in the late 15th - early 16th centuries'

Blakemore, Alex

Alexander Blakemore MA (2016-17)

Byrnes, Thomas

Thomas Byrnes MA (2016-17)

Carnevali, Rebecca

Rebecca Carnevali PhD

'Creating an Urban Reading Public: Cheap Print in Early-Modern Bologna'

Ania Crowther

Stefania Crowther PhD

'James Shirley and the Restoration Stage'

 Lay, chloe

Chloe Lay MA (2016-17)

Moorman, Gloria

Gloria Moorman PhD

'Broadening Horizons through Books: Town Atlases in the 16th and 17th Centuries'

Mottram, Brett

Brett Mottram MA (2017-18)

Aidan Norrie

Aidan Norrie PhD (from Oct 2017)

'Elizabeth I, Counsel, and Memory in Early Modern England'

Perez-Galvan, Paloma

Paloma Perez Galvan PhD

'From Inscription to Collection: Ancient Epigraphy in Southern France and Italy from 1521 to 1637'

 Amy Pike

Amy Pike MA (2017-18)

 Stallworthy, Emily

Emily Stallworthy MA (2017-18)

Webb, Eleanor

Eleanor Webb MA (2017-18)

Young, Ryan

Ryan Young MA (2016-17)