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Values and Ethics in Coaching

Iordanou, I., Hawley, R., and Iordanou, C., Values and Ethics in Coaching (London and Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing) ISBN: 9781473919563

*The Henley Coaching Centre, Coaching Book of the Year 2017*

– “An excellent and cleverly pitched contribution to the coaching literature. Very readable, but more importantly readily applied to developing as a coach. The writers have managed to integrate theory and practice in an accessible way that will help coaches to continually strengthen the role of ethics and values in their practice.”
Mike Chitty, Head of Applied Leadership, NHS Leadership Academy

“Coaches occupy a privileged position, with access to unspoken thoughts, dilemmas and confidences. The ability to understand and work sensitively guiding oneself and clients through the complexity of moral choices that leaders face in modern organisations is a key factor that differentiates excellent coaches from good ones. This book is essential reading for those seeking to put ethical sensitivity at the heart of their practice.”
Jonathan Passmore, Director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change

– “The content of the book is well-grounded in research and contemporary thinking, thus offering a credible background for the reader to be engaged with the topic. For me this engaging style was the most important when I read the book. The activities, invitations for self-reflection and the real-life stories invited me to openly address the question of ethics within my own practice. This practical, but still sensitive approach to the practicalities of the topic make this book a unique experience. Whether you are a newcomer in the world of coaching, or a veteran with a need to for additional insights you’ll find something valuable for your own development inside.”
Zoltán Csigás, Research Director at GROW; EMCC International Vice President Research

– “The authors of this important book have made a significant contribution to the literature by highlighting the values and ethical issues surrounding the field of coaching. Coaching has grown very fast and extensive, and this book reflects on many of the ethical dilemmas and issues in its wake. A must read for practitioners and HR professionals."
Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

– “As the globe is urgently calling for more ethical and responsible behaviours in all sectors, this book is a well-overdue addition for all of us. This is the first serious book that tackles the 50 shades of coaching ethics with reference to some philosophical heavy weights in an accessible way. It is a prompt to help us take a second look at our practices and question the underpinning values and beliefs - and guide us promote wider responsibility through our own 'moments of choice."
Dr Tony Wall, Reader & Deputy Head of Department, Centre for Work Related Studies, University of Chester

– “This comprehensive, well-organised and well-researched book makes an important and timely contribution to the field of coaching. Filled with practical examples as well as thought-provoking activities designed to enhance the practitioner’s ethical capability, this highly practical workbook will be a valuable resource for coaches at all levels of experience. I thoroughly recommend this book.”
Sarah Corrie, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Coaching Psychologist and Visiting Professor, Middlesex University

– “The authors have written on a challenging and necessary topic, with practicality and clarity. The book is learner-friendly, and takes values and ethics to the level of applied practice. Their use of frequent ‘pause for reflection’, and other references, makes this an extremely valuable addition to the skill-sets and critical thinking needed for professional coaching.”
Dr Patrick Williams, Founder and Director of Training, The Institute of Life Coach Training, EdD, MCC, BCC

– “This book provides an excellent insight on ethical issues in coaching contexts. Its thought-provoking style is useful for both trainee and experienced coaches."
Stephen Palmer, President, International Society for Coaching Psychology

“The structure of this text provides a very accessible and clear overview of ethical considerations in context. Each chapter beings with clear aims, an overview, key words and questions. This structure presents opportunities for readers to reflect on their existing knowledge in order to position their learning for new information. There are also effective activities and suggestions for further reading to extend a student’s understanding of key values and ethics in coaching."
Lorraine Loveland-Armour, Department of Education, Newman University

– "... A book that our profession has needed for some time [...] It’s essential reading for coaches, mentors, supervisors and their trainers [...]. I recommended all in our profession to read it and use it to begin conversations."

Coaching at Work, Vol. 13/2, March-April 2017, book review by Eve Turner

– "... A highly accessible, thought provoking and important contribution to the field [...] I would recommend that anyone with an interest in coaching, or indeed any helping profession, engages with the conversations featured in this new and valuable publication."

International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, Vol. 6/2 (2017), book review by Catherine Manning

– "...This book provides an excellent foundation from which a coach can learn and develop an ethical approach to their profession dealing with clients, colleagues and others to ensure they are respectful of themselves and others at all times, ensuring they provide support that is confidential and meets the needs of the client."

Library of Professional Coaching, November 2017, book review by Kathy Taberner

– "… Ethics is more than an add-on to good coaching; it lies at the heart of what good coaching is and it deserves the thoughtful and thorough treatment it receives in this book.”
Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
, November 2018, book review by Julia Yates