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About the society and how to join


The Society brings together scholars from across Europe and globally who are engaged in Renaissance and Early Modern Festivals research.

The Society encourages cross-disciplinary, cross-language and cross-national interchange and cooperation.


Membership of the Society is open without fee to all students and established scholars with an interest in Festivals research.


The Society is managed by a small group of Convenors, who live in sufficient proximity to each other to allow face-to-face meeting and decision-taking.

Current Convenors: Margaret Shewring (, Margaret M. McGowan (, and Marie-Claude Canova-Green (

Original convenors: J. R. (Ronnie) Mulryne, Margaret Shewring and Margaret M. McGowan.


The Society promotes conferences, on approximately an annual basis, in locations across the UK and Europe.

The Society publishes a series of research volumes under the title European Festivals Studies 1450-1700.

The Series

  • features volumes of collected essays, produced under its own or shared sponsorship. These normally stem, after further research, from papers initially delivered at a Society conference. The Society does not publish conference proceedings.
  • The Series now includes commissioned monographs.
  • All publications are peer-reviewed by members of the Society, including the General Editors, and/or invited scholars.
  • For Conferences see separate section below.

The Website

  • The Society’s website provides a forum to which members can contribute by sending to the Society’s convenors research queries, together with information about conferences and about publications which relate to Renaissance and Early Modern Festivals.
Membership Application

For a Membership Application Form click here