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Conference, 2018

Crossing Boundaries: confessional, political and cultural interactions in early modern festivals and diplomatic encounters

Date: Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May 2018

Venue: Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

In the early modern world, festivals and diplomatic ceremonial often involved the movement of individuals and courtly retinues across borders. They could therefore serve as sites of interaction between religious, political, artistic and material cultures. Often this was complicated by underlying tensions, which could be made more or less explicit in the diverse 'languages' of festival. Interactions might be literal, as in the case of rulers, courtiers or ambassadors travelling between territories to attend and participate in festival or diplomatic occasions, or indirect, through visual or performed representations of cultures other than the 'home' culture. Such encounters could involve claims to, and negotiations of, status and precedence. They could permit the inclusion of multiple layers of meaning, enabling different parties to participate in the associated ceremonies.

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'Crossing Boundaries: confessional, political and cultural interactions in early modern festivals and diplomatic encounters', Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, 2018. (For details of the topic see above).

Planned Conferences

Conference locations under active planning include TURIN (2019), VERSAILLES (2020, by invitation of the Palace of Versailles) and WARWICK/COVENTRY (2021).