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Professor Noel Fallows (1961–2021)

Radically transformed Iberian studies both of chivalric ideas and chivalric behaviour: and, given the centrality of Spain and Portugal in these areas, this means that his work had far-reaching European implications. Certain key aspects of the rich field of Iberian chivalry (both theoretical and practical) had been left untilled by earlier scholars who largely concerned themselves with institutional, political, and literary matters. However, Fallows was able to illuminate the activities of knights in battles, tournaments, and court festivals; the equipment they used, and how arms and armour evolved to meet changing purposes and circumstances. He also made available the technical and idealogical treatises which both reflected and informed their behaviour. To elucidate all this required a rare combination of skills: a wide knowledge of the literature pertaining to chivalry; a firm command of political and military history from the late Middle Ages and through the Renaissance; a detailed understanding of the technicalities of military artefacts, their fabrication, and structure; a knowledge of how knights performed on the battlefield and in the lists; and an imaginative grasp of how all this impacted on the history of ideas. Fallows demonstrated not only a remarkable mastery of this combination of skills but also the ability to explain technicalities with an easy clarity. Noel Fallows will be a much-missed member of the advisory board of the European Festival Studies, 1450–1700, Series. Remembered by Sydney Anglo for SEFR News.