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Day 1

18 June 2024

09:15–09:45 –– Registration

09:45–10:00 –– Welcome

10:00–11:00 –– AGM


11:00–1200 –– Panel 1: Troubadours

Ruth Harvey, ‘Revisiting Richard’s Court: Richard the Lionheart and the Troubadours’

Helen Peutherer, ‘Humour and the trobar clus


12:00–13:20 –– Lunch


13:20–14:40 –– Panel 2: Representing Female Virtue

Gerald Morgan, ‘Chaucer’s Portrait of Blanche in the Book of the Duchess (1368)’

Alexandra Corey, ‘Margaritae Francae, Allobrogum Biturigumque Ducis Epithalamium (c. 1559): Celebrating the Union of Marguerite de France and Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy’

Sarah Alyn-Stacey, ‘Ronsard’s Representations of Marguerite de France, Duchess of Savoy’


14:40-15:00 –– Coffee break


15:00–16:20 –– Panel 3: Literature and Language Politics

Matt Lampitt, ‘“Ifanc Ffranc Ffrengig ddyad”: Representing Frenchness in Welsh Poetry, c. 1282–1550’

Cory Nguyen, ‘Language, Law, and Lyric Subjectivities in the Alliterative Poems of MS Harley 913’

Michael Lysander Angerer, ‘Translation and the Emergence of the Octosyllabic Couplet in Benedeit's Voyage de Saint Brendan


16:20–16:40 –– Coffee break


16:40–17:40 –– Panel 4: Definitions and Perceptions: Text, Authorship, Anthology

 Johannes Junge Ruhland, ‘Texts as Gems, Grafts, and Voice in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century French Literature’

Jack Nunn, ‘Court Poetry in the Print Shop, or How to Make an Œuvre (with Michel Foucault)’


17:40–18:30 –– Reception sponsored by the Department of French, Trinity College Dublin, and the Trinity Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Day 2

19 June 2024


09:15–10:35 –– Panel 5: Italy

Philippa Byrne, ‘Why Did Translators Translate at the Court of Norman Sicily?’

Gabriele Cascini, ‘Tradition antique et performativité dans les dialogues comiques de Giovanni Pontano’

Martina Caronte, ‘Encomiastic Poetry between Naples and Mantua: The Case of Antonio Ricco’


10:35-10:55 –– Coffee Break


10:55-12:15 –– Panel 6: Rewriting Courtliness

Mary O’Connor, ‘Courtly Culture Arrives in Norway: The Old Norse Translation of Marie de France’s Le Fresne and Equitan

Jutta Fortin, ‘Scandales et scandaleux dans les textes médiévaux français de Tristan et Yseut

Kim Kellas, ‘Re-imagining the Châtelain de Coucy: the Roman du châtelain de Coucy et de la dame de Fayel and its Fifteenth-Century Prose Remaniement’


12:15-13:30 –– Lunch


13:30-14:50 –– Panel 7: History and Chronicle

Linda Paterson, ‘The court as a place of deliberation: Bohemond's claim to Antioch in the Siege d'Antioche

Rachel Tod, ‘Situating Des Grantz Geanz – Manuscripts, Monsters and Myth’

Catherine Emerson, ‘Court People and Court Papers: How French and Burgundian Courts Provided Documents for Chronicles’


14:50-15:10 –– Coffee break


15:10-16:00 –– Panel 8: Catalogues and Databases of MSS: Why and How?

A discussion led by Keith Busby and Tom Hinton


16:00-17:00 –– Visit to Old Library to view medieval and early modern holdings

Evening –– Performance (TBC)