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Alan van den Arend

I visited the CsR from early Nov. to Dec. in 2021, sponsored by Dr. David Lines. My trip had initially been planned for May to coincide with the annual Warwick-Warburg program (“Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture”), but was postponed due to COVID-19. With the help of David’s oversight and the CsR’s resources, I made good progress writing up my dissertation (completed July ’23) while expanding personal and professional networks. In particular, I think fondly of seminars and conversations with Paul Botley, Bryan Brazeau, Ingrid De Set, Aysu Dincer, and Claudia Daniotti. It was a pleasure too to reconnect with my friend and former teacher, Iván Parga Ornelas, and to make so many new friends: Sergei Zotov, Sophie Hartley, Mathilde Alain, Eva van Kemenade, and Noemi di Tommaso. Time at the CsR likewise provided me with a chance to conduct crucial, last-minute dissertation research in London (British Library, Warburg Institute) and at Oxford (Bodleian Library, Corpus Christi College). I would also be remiss not to note the refreshing and rejuvenating walks led by David through the west midlands countryside — a tradition I hope to replicate at home.


Since my departure, I have joyfully remained a member — if geographically distant — of the CsR community. I was pleased to reconnect with friends at the RSA in Dublin (’22), including for a lovely dinner organized by David. The meal and conference provided me a chance to meet additional individuals like Giorgio Lizzul and Gloria Moorman. At this year’s RSA in San Juan, the dinners and conversations continued, albeit with a smaller number of attendees. Finally, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to remain on the CsR listserv, where I always look forward to Jayne’s Friday e-mails and the treasures they contain. While my trip to the CsR was relatively brief, it will remain a highlight of my Ph.D. experience and one for which I am eternally grateful to the Charles Singleton Center for sponsoring. I cannot encourage others strongly enough to take advantage of the chance if they are afforded it. I am sure that it has and will be career-changing, as it was for me.