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Warwick/JHU PhD student exchanges

Each year (2015/2016, 2016/2017), one PhD student from each institution visited the partner institution for a period of one month to carry out research related to the overarching theme of the partnership (Antiquity and its Reception) and network with scholars on site. The visits were fully funded by the sending institution. PhD students selected for the exchange in 2015/2016: Desiree Arbo (Warwick) and Christopher Geekie (JHU).

Reports on their exchange visits can be found here. Desiree Arbo and Chris Geekie 

PhD students selected for the exchange in 2016/2017: Thomasin Bailey (Warwick) and Elizabeth Bernick(JHU). Elizabeth Bernick was a Ph.D. Candidate in the History of Art Department at Johns Hopkins University, where she studies Italian Renaissance drawings and prints under Stephen Campbell. Reports on their exchange visits can be found here. Thomasin Bailey and Elizabeth Bernick 

In 2018, the CSR hosted Francesco Brenna (PhD, JHU), who visited in July 2018 and

Martina Russo (PhD, Warwick) who visited JHU in September 2018

The Warwick/JHU collaborations continue, with Anna Cruse-Marsh visiting JHU in 2020, and at the end of 2021 Warwick hosted Alan van den Arend for a month's research stay. Sergei Zotov visited JHU in April 2023 and Elena Claudi is hoping to organise a research visit sometime during 2023-24.

Chris Geekie and Sara Miglietti, attending the 'Neapolitan Phoenix' conference at Compton Verney, 26th May 2016