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Timetable 2021-22: Term 2

Tutor: Iván Parga Ornelas
Term 2 Timetable (January - March 2022). Thursdays 5-6:30 pm (GMT), starting 13th January 2022

During term 2 we will study the works of two Neo-Latin authors, in the first half we will read works by Leon Battista Alberti and in the second, by Thomas More. From Leon Battista Alberti we will read the Intercoenales (dinner conversations) and the satiric novel Momus. Both these works explore the human condition with a bitter and poignant irony that is characteristic of a part of Alberti’s works. From Tomas More we will read some of his letters and excerpts from the Utopia. As an intermezzo, one session will be dedicated to the Neo-Latin elegy. The order of the readings is still to be considered.

Week 1 (Jan 13). Leon Battista Alberti

Week 2 (Jan 20). Leon Battista Alberti

Week 3 (Jan 27). Leon Battista Alberti

Week 4. (Feb 3) Leon Battista Alberti

Week 5 (Feb 10) Neo-Latin Elegy

Week 6 (Feb 17). Reading week ~no class

Week 7 (Feb 24). Thomas More

Week 8 (Mar 3). Thomas More

Week 9 (Mar 10). Thomas More

Week 10 (Mar 17). Thomas More

NB: Attendance to the sessions in term 1 is not required to join the module on term 2