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Italian Palaeography

Module convenors: Dr Marta Celati and Dr Maria Pavlova

All classes will be taught in Term 2, on Tuesdays between 3.00-4.30pm in H0.01 (Humanities Building)


Much archival research in Renaissance Studies depends on manuscripts and early printed books. Such objects, however, can be intimidating to navigate. This course aims to provide postgraduate students with the tools necessary to approach the reading and accurate transcription of manuscript and printed sources (in Italian) from the late medieval period to the seventeenth century. It will help prepare students for archival and library research.

Although the course will inevitably include references to book history and production as a context, the focus will be on deciphering and transcribing various kinds of hands (or, in the case of print, fonts). A solid grasp of Italian (at least intermediate level) is required. The course will largely rely on homework transcription exercises, to be discussed in class along with other texts. The module will culminate in an informal test.

Places are limited. Students not enrolled in the Renaissance Centre pay £25 per course at the beginning of term. To apply to join either of these classes, please contact the Centre administrator on or sign up via SkillsForge.