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Latin Palaeography: Academic Year 2020-21

It has been decided not to deliver this class during the upcoming academic year

(2020-21). Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Module convenors: TBC

A substantial amount of library and archival research in Renaissance Studies depends on being able to read books and documents from the period, often written in ways that are hard to make sense of by a modern reader. This course aims to provide the tools necessary to read and accurately transcribe manuscript and printed sources (in Latin) from the late medieval period to the seventeenth century. Since these are written in various kinds of scripts (Gothic, humanistic, etc.), some time will be spent examining each of these. The course starts from printed materials, which are somewhat easier to navigate and usually contain fewer abbreviations, and works its way back toward manuscripts.

Although the course will inevitably include references to book history and production as a context, the focus will be on deciphering and transcribing various kinds of hands (or, in the case of print, fonts). A solid grasp of Latin (at least intermediate level) is required. Postgraduate students are especially welcome, but the course is also open to researchers who wish to develop their facility with original Latin sources. The course – which is open to both Warwick and external participants – will largely rely on homework transcription exercises, to be discussed in class along with other texts. The module will culminate in an informal test.

The course will have its first class in the week of TBC and will finish in the week of TBC. It will meet (via Microsoft Teams) for approximately 1.5 hours a week, with a break expected in the week of ??? November. The timetable will be agreed with the participants. Students not enrolled in the Renaissance Centre pay £TBC per course at the beginning of term.

This course does not carry any credits, but participants who pass the end-of-term test will be eligible to receive a certificate attesting that they have completed the course successfully.

Places are limited. To apply to join this class, please complete (by DATE TBC) the application form here (we expect to inform applicants about the availability of a place by TBC). If you have specific queries about the course content, please contact ?????TBC. For other queries, contact the Centre administrator on