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Medieval Reading Group

Welcome to the Medieval Reading Group at Warwick!

All are warmly invited to join us for informal discussion of primary texts and critical works of interest to staff and students working in a wide variety of areas. The group meets at 5pm in Oculus 1.07. Details of this year's meetings can be found below; please see the link above for an archive of previous years' readings.

22nd November 2017: Ovid transformed

For the next reading group we will be discussing the tale of Myrrha in the anonymous fourteenth-century French Ovide moralisé, a translation and allegorising of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The focus of our discussion will be a reading of Myrrha’s transformation in the Ovide moralisé (lines 1900-1987 Old French, English translation), alongside Ovid’s version (Book X, lines 476-518 Latin/English), touching on broader themes of bodily transformation and translation across medieval literature.

In addition to these two short passages, if you have time, we would also suggest reading the Ovide moralisé’s multiple allegorical and Christianising interpretations of the tale (lines 3678-3954 Old French, English summary). For even further reading, the entire tale is available to read here (OM lines 1900-1987, Met X.298-518).

For any questions about the reading, please contact: