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Recent MA Dissertation Titles


Alexander Blakemore: 'Depicting the Guardian Angel in the Age of the Counter-Reformation'
Thomas Byrnes: 'Why did the Venetian Republic’s experience of the Italian Wars from 1509 to 1530 cause it to adopt a position of neutrality?'
Chloe Lay: 'Gender and Self-Presentation in Thomas Nashe’s Choise of Valentines...'
Ryan Young: 'Who can Trust a Doctor? The case of Renaissance advice manuals on midwifery and wet-nursing'


Sean Amiri: 'Living the Good Life The Attempts of Sixteenth-Century Guidebooks to Stabilise a Troubled Venetian Patriciate'
Izabela Bladzinska: 'Reading (into) Myths: The Allegorical Interpretation of Classical Myths in Renaissance Italy'
Harriet Sweet-Escott: 'Desdemona’s Disobedience Towards Her Husband, Othello, Through an Early Modern Lens'


Susannah Croft: Approaches to Religious Despair in Seventeenth Century Autobiography
Willum Westenholz: Manners and Tact in the letters of Casaubon and de Thou


Sara Jennings: Dante’s Reception in Sixteenth-Century Italy: The Questione della Lingua and the Rise of the Academies
Shanghong Song: Religion and Science in the Thought of Thomas Tymme
Alexander Winkler: The Africa: Petrarch’s historiographical epic


Richard Bracey: Immigrants in renaissance Venice. The Jewish ghetto: the Venetian contribution to the vocabulary of persecution?
Lucy Johnson: ‘I will meet thee in as many shapes’: Artifice, Identity and Survival in Volpone
Helen De Leon Rafferty: Perceptions of the Ottoman Threat in the Age of Magnificence, 1450 - c1600


Anna Gruber: ’Away vaine warld, bewitcher of my heart’: Elizabeth Melville, evotional Poetry, and the Language of Love
Harbeena Lalli: Tradition and Innovation in Francesco Petrarca’s Secretum
Rebecca Pillière: "The War of the Words”: Pamphlets and Satirical Texts under the Reign of Henri III


Lauren Albrecht-Brown: 'With Hue and Cry' Reading Rape in European Renaissance Literature
Grace Allen: The Philosopher in Volgare Italiano: A Study of Vernacular Translations of Aristotle Printed in Sixteenth-Century Venice
Pesala Bandara: A Culture of Performance: Mary, Queen of Scots and her court entertainments during her personal reign in Scotland, 1561-1566
Nathalie Hancisse: The Idea of Folly in Four Renaissance Texts From the Narrenschiff to King Lear
Colette Siddiqui: The Value and Display of Renaissance Medals: with specific reference to Dissertation title: fifteenth to seventeenth-century Italy
Lea Violoni: Dalmatian Slavs in Renaissance Venice: Their Scuola and Carpaccio’s Cycle as a Socio-Political, Cultural and Artistic Expression of Identity


Daniel Ward: The Context and Development of Political Thought in the Prologues and Epilogues of the Restoration