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Foundational Texts for the Renaissance

Aristotle's Politics
The Renaissance Centre is running a reading group on authors with a foundational importance for the Renaissance period. This year’s programme (Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00 in H4.50) will be on Aristotle’s Politics. The first meeting will be on the 9th of October 2018. Participants should purchase a copy of Aristotle’s Politics (the Penguin edition is a good one). The plan is to read through the whole work over the course of this academic year and to discuss the passages with students and colleagues from various disciplines, including Classics, Philosophy, Politics, History, Literature, and Modern Languages. Undergraduates, postgraduates, staff, and non-university members welcome.

for 9 October: read Politics I, 1-7

for 16 October: read Politics I, 8-end

for 23 October: read Politics II, 1-5

for 30 October: read Politics II, 5-8

6 November: no meeting (Reading Week)

for 13 November: read Politics II, 9-12

for 20 November: read Politics III, 1-5

for 27 November: read Politics III, 6-12

for 4 December: read Politics III, 13-18

for 8 January: read Politics IV, 1-8

for 15 January: read Politics IV, 9-16

for 22 January: read Politics V, 1-7

for 29 January: read Politics V, 8-end

*5 February: session cancelled* (STVDIO talk instead)

19 February: read Politics VI

26 February: read Politics VII, 1-9

5 March: read Politics VII, 10-13

23 April: no reading group

30 April: read Politics VII, 14-17 and all of VIII (final session)