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Reading for 11 July

The following are both specific to this session but will also inform the whole programme. Please do make sure you are well acquainted with all these readings before arrival!

Trevor Burnard's unpublished overview here

Daniel K. Richter, Before the Revolution: America’s Ancient Pasts (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2011). There will be some extracts placed here but you are also encouraged to buy this important new book to read more of it. here [Added 15 June]

Introduction to Elizabeth Mancke and Carole Shammas, introduction to The Creation of the British Atlantic World here

Susan Scott Parrish, American Curiosity: Cultures of Natural History in the Colonial British Atlantic World (Chapel Hill, N.C., 2006), Introduction (pp. 1-23). Electronic version here

Eric Slauter, “History, Literature and the Atlantic World,” William and Mary Quarterly, 3d Ser., 65:1 (January 2008): 135-166. Responses by Alison Games, Bryan Waterman, Eliga H. Gould, and Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (WMQ, pp. 167-186). Electronic version here