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Future Plans

The publication of the two-volume collection of texts, together with the volume of essays arising from the E.S.F. conference, at present fill the horizon for many of us, but the research project as a whole will by no means end there. Ideas currently under consideration include: a volume devoted to the festivities occasioned by the 1606 visit to England of King Christian IV of Denmark; a volume relating to the 1623 visit to Spain (via Paris) of Prince Charles and the Duke of Buckingham; and a volume tentatively entitled The Cultivation of Monarchy: Brandenburg-Prussia, 1700-1701.

It is hoped that in future it may be possible to widen the scope of the project to non-European subjects. We would be pleased to receive proposals, as specific as possible, from readers of this website.

We also have more details of the digitisation of festival books in the British Library.

The Europa Triumphans project has been much assisted in its development by conferences and symposia. We shall continue to support these, first of all by doing what we can to forward the proposed European Research Conference series of the E.S.F., but also by holding small-scale meetings at Warwick and elsewhere, as opportunity offers. Conference topics may be broad - there is still a good deal of work to do in interesting historians and others in festival - or more tightly focused. Suggestions would be welcome.

We wish to develop links with research centres in Britain, continental Europe, and further afield. If you would like to propose an effective with the project - or indeed with this website - we should be very pleased to hear from you.