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Collections of Neo-Latin Texts on the web

  • Neo Latin Collections
  • General or 'national' collections which include Neo-Latin Texts
  • Themed Collections
  • SNLS Neo-Latin Anthology (for teaching purposes)

Neo-Latin Collections

Early Modern Latin Correspondences - NEW - A catalogue of Early Modern and Modern Latin letters, and a collection of Early Modern Latin textbooks on letter writing

Italian Poetry in Latin - NEW - Resource for intertextual search of eighteen centuries of poetic production, from the remote origins of Rome’s literary language up to the Italian flourishing Humanism and Renaissance

The Philological Museum - Dana Sutton's indispensable finding-list of neo-Latin e-texts

The Library - Dana Sutton's own collection of electronic text editions

Bibliotheca Augustana (Augsburg) - follow the links to Bibliotheca Latina and Latinitas nova

Camena - Corpus Automatum Multiplex Electorum Neolatinitatis Auctorum

CSL - Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum

Contemporary Latin Poetry - Poesis Latina Hodierna (Mark Moskowitz)

Ephemeris - electronic Neo-Latin Newspaper

The Heinsius collection (Leiden University) - Dutch neo-Latin poems and prose texts

Irish Neo-Latin Writers - a finding-list (by Jason Harris and Diarmuid O Cathain)

The Neo-Latin pages of The Latin Library

Johann Ramminger Neulateinische Wortliste - A Word-List of Latin from Petrach to 1700, including bibliographical notes on authors

Perseus Digital Library, including Humanist and Renaissance Italian Poetry in Latin


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General, regional or 'national' collections which include Neo-Latin Texts

Austrian Literature Online -includes Tirolensia Latina (Tirolian Literature in Latin)

Biblioteca italiana

BIVIO - Biblioteca Virtuale Online : Renaissance Texts

Corpus Corporum: repositorium auctorum Latinorum apud universitatem Turicensem : a gateway -- searchable links to electronic versions of Latin texts held by the University of Zürich

Croatiae auctores latina (collectio electronica)

DBNL - Digitale Bibliotheek voor Nederlandse Letterkunde - collection of Dutch authors - see especially the 'Gouden Eeuw' section

Erasmus Online - the Erasmus collection of Rotterdam City Library

Europeana - pilot project for a European Digital Library, including texts from the national libraries of Portugal and Hungary

Gallica -Bibliothèque numérique de la BnF

La Bibbia nel '500 - catalogues of editions and translations of bibles produced between 1500 and 1700

BVH - Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes (CESR, Tours)

SICD - Universities of Strasbourg Digital Old Books - collection of texts from Strasburg libraries including (mostly medical and botanical) treatises in Latin

The Gordon Collection - Sixteenth-Century French Books in the University of Virginia

Poeti d'Italia in lingua latina - Texts of Latin Poetry composed in Italy between 1250 and 1550 (consortium of four Italian Universities)

Scriptorium- Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts on line (Department of English, University of Cambridge)


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Themed collections which include Neo-Latin Texts

Bibliotheca Mureti - books from Marc-Antoine Muret's library at the Biblioteca Nazionale in Rome

The Glasgow Emblem Project

Renaissance Festival Books (part of the 'Treasures in Full' of the British Library)

Medic@ - e-collection of medical texts (BIUM, Paris)

Bridging the Continental Divide - an electronic edition of a selection of the Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum huius aevi illustrium (DPS, Amsterdam, 1637), with original scans of the entire text, a full transcription and translation of 11 of the 37 poets, and full critical apparatus for each poem

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