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Officers and Members of the SNLS

Executive Committee

President: Gesine Manuwald
g dot manuwald at ucl dot ac dot uk

Vice-President: Lucy Nicholas
lucy dot nicholas at sas dot ac dot uk

Treasurer: Caroline Spearing
C dot J dot Spearing at exeter dot ac dot uk

Data Protection Officer: Lucy Nicholas

lucy dot nicholas at sas dot ac dot uk

Secretary: Paul White
p dot m dot white at leeds dot ac dot uk

Early-Career Representative: Rebecca Menmuir
r dot menmuir at qmul dot ac dot uk

Postgraduate Representative: Tom Evans
tfe973 at student dot bham dot ac dot uk

Teaching Anthology: Sarah Knight
sk218 at leicester dot ac dot uk

Innsbruck Representative: William Barton

william dot barton at neolatin dot lbg dot ac dot at

Irish Representative: Jason Harris
J dot Harris at ucc dot ie

Scottish Representative: David McOmish
David dot McOmish at glasgow dot ac dot uk

Public Engagement Representative: Sharon van Dijk
s dot vandijk dot 1 at bham dot ac dot uk

Teaching Anthology Officer: Sarah Knight

Podcasts Officer: Sharon van Dijk

Social Media Officer: Sharon van Dijk

Webmaster: Iván Parga Ornelas
ivan dot parga-ornelas at warwick dot ac dot uk

Other members:

Brenda Hosington, hosington at hotmail dot com

David Money, dkm14mxc at gmail dot com

Victoria Moul, v dot moul at ucl dot ac dot uk

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Current Members

Members can obtain a list of members of the society by emailing the President, Professor Gesine Manuwald at: g dot manuwald at ucl dot ac dot uk

* * *

To join the Society for Neo-Latin Studies please download the membership formLink opens in a new window and return as indicated.

The SNLS membership fee is £15 per year (£7.5 for students and the unwaged), subject to annual revision. It is possible to pay the membership fee by standing order (see form above). SNLS has now introduced additional payment options for members based abroad, in the hope of making membership more attractive for this group of scholars by reducing banking fees. Members based abroad can now pay membership for 10, 15 or 20 years in one go (this option is also available to UK members), or they can obtain life membership for £300.

The Society for Neo-Latin Studies is a Registered Charity in England and Wales, EW41377.

If you wish to donate to the Society or make your annual subscription go further,

please fill in the Gift Aid form.