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Preparing for study

There is plenty to think about once you have an offer to study History of Art at Warwick. Use the links below to find out more about the course, the department and how you can prepare for study.

When you get your offer | Making your choice | Choosing your modules | When you get your results | Reading list

When you get your offer

Congratulations! We were really impressed by your application and were very happy to make you an offer. You now have plenty to think about as you decide which places to choose as your firm and insurance offers.

Meet the Department

We like to invite all students with an offer to a special series of Invitation to Art History days to get to know staff, students and to get a feel for what it's like to study here.

This year has been a little different, due to the pandemic, so instead we'd like to invite you to a personal, and informal, on-line Meet the Department event, at a time to suit you

  • You and your family can meet with staff and students to find out what makes our course, and Warwick, so special
  • You can specify who you'd like to chat with, perhaps the Head of Department, or the Admissions' Tutor, or a subject specialist, or a group of students, or we can bring a group of lecturers and students together to meet you
  • The date and time will be your choice, contact us and we'll make all the arrangements
  • We use Teams for meetings, and we'll send you the link for your personal meeting

Making your choice

There are plenty of things to think about, and we're here to help. You may have questions about the course or about Warwick in general. Common questions include:

  • Can I do modules in other departments?
  • Are trips to exhibitions, historic buildings and galleries included, and does the department cover the costs?
  • Can you help with work experience while I'm a student?
  • If I need a part-time job, is this OK, and can you help me find one?

Drop an email to and we'll get you the answers you need (and actually, it's a 'yes' to all the ones above!)

Choosing your modules

One of many benefits of studying art history at Warwick is that you choose the modules that best suit your interests, alongside the core modules that give you the skills you need.

There's an increasing amount of choice as you progress through the three years of the course. Take a look at the BA History of Art modules page to see what we're currently teaching.

Please note that next year's course may be a little different as we develop the course further.

When you get your results

If you get the grades you want and made Warwick your firm choice, congratulations! We'll look forward to seeing you in the autumn. Keep checking the Information for Offer Holders page for ideas and activities to do over the summer.

If you made Warwick your firm choice, but missed your grades, don't panic. Our admissions team will look very carefully at every case in the days around the release of results, and see if we can help.

If Warwick was your insurance choice and you missed your grades for your firm choice, then we'll look at your application very carefully and may be able to offer you a place.

Do check your emails during this time as we may have to contact you directly to discuss your case.

If you enter Clearing, Warwick - depending on how many people applied to us this year - we may be looking for students in the Clearing process. In which case, get in touch with the Warwick Clearing Team.


Admissions Advice

Jenny Alexander

Admissions Tutor

Email: Dr Jenny Alexander (jennifer dot s dot alexander at warwick dot ac dot uk)