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The Pontigny Project was started in 2007 and the first season of work was undertaken by Dr Jenny Alexander and Prof Terryl Kinder, with the help of a US student. At the end of the season the student and Prof Kinder put together a presentation about the preliminary work on the project. This shows the building, and the type of work that was undertaken and demonstrates the work that will be continued this summer.

This is a chapter from P.S. Barnwell and Arnold Pacey, (eds) Who Built Beverley Minster, (Reading 2008), which provides an introduction to the subject of masons' marks, their purpose in medieval buildings and how they can help us to understand the ways in which medieval masons worked.

This article deals with the documentary background to the construction of the abbey church at Pontigny. It is Terryl N. Kinder, 'Towards Dating Construction of the Abbey Church of Pontigny', Journal of the British Archaeological Association 145, (1992).

This is the introductory chapter to David Heald and Terryl N. Kinder, Architecture of Silence, Cistercian Abbeys of France, (New York 2000). It is by far the best introduction to the architecture of the Order.

This is a paper on the use of metals as building materials in medieval buildings from R. Bork (ed.), De Re Metallica, the uses of metal in the Middle Ages, (Aldershot 2005).

Further useful texts
R. Branner, Burgundian Gothic Architecture, (London 1960), NA1049.B8
J. Bony, French Gothic Architecture of the 12th and 13th centuries, (Los Angeles 1983), NA5543.B6