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Woza Africa! Educational Resource

This Toolkit was designed by Yvette Hutchison to introduce teachers, theatre groups and students anywhere in the world to a wide range of African approaches to storytelling, historical and cultural frames of reference, and ways of being in the world. For Drama, Theatre, English, History, Geography, Cultural Studies courses, or just for fun.

The bold text in the Toolkit takes you to live links for more information on concepts, people, spaces, or to video and musical examples. Throughout we have included practical exercises – written, oral, choral, physical – to illustrate how you can translate some of these African approaches to theatre in your own work.

We hope you enjoy this Toolkit and are inspired to read, watch and create new work because of engaging with it. If you have any images of you using the Woza Africa! Educational Resource, then we would love you to share them via social media by tagging us in your posts. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

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Thanks to Flo Swann, JC Niala, Warwick Ventures.

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The Toolkit is available free of charge to Non-Commercial Organisations (e.g. schools and clubs)

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