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Max Dean

Max DeanResearch Student (2018-2025)

Supervisor/s: Prof. Nicolas Whybrow and Dr Tim White

About Me:

Max Dean is Director at C&T, an internationally renowned Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation specialising in Applied Theatre and Digital Arts practice.

With over a decade’s experience working in the charitable arts sector developing, fund-raising and leading projects fusing applied theatre practice and digital technologies.

Max has also raised well over one million pounds for arts projects during his career.

Max has worked extensively both nationally in London, Merseyside, Birmingham and Worcester and internationally in New York, South Carolina, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, Vienna, Canada, Italy, Singapore and Japan.

Max has also served as a board member of ‘National Drama’, as well as Learning Disability Charity the ‘Monday Night Club’.

Research Interests:

Max is in receipt of the Collaborative Doctoral Award with Warwick University, undertaking his doctoral thesis in practice as research, developing new forms of digital game-based process drama praxis.

His particular areas of interest focus on young people’s participatory culture in the 21st century and the resulting impetus for new digital forms of applied theatre praxis utilising mixed reality, immersive technology and online digital games.


Structuring Drama Work 25th Anniversary Edition – Jonothan Neelands
Max worked with Professor Jonothan Neelands on the twenty fifth anniversary edition of his book ‘Structuring Drama Work’, updating each ‘cultural connections’ section of the book to reflect developments in youth culture particularly relating to digital technology usage.


Presented Papers and/or Workshops at:

2009 Sydney University - Drama Research Futures: Examining our past, critiquing our present, imagining tomorrow
2012 Limerick - Towards New Paradigms and Languages in Drama Education
2015 Singapore - Open Culture in the Asian Century: Reimagining Drama Education
2018 Auckland University – Tyranny of Distance

2013 – France – 8th World Congress

2014 – Royal Holloway University
2015 – Worcester University
2016 – Bristol University
2017 – Salford University
2018 – University of Aberystwyth

2019 – Shanghai – Intermediality in Theatre and Performance

National Drama:
2015 – Drama Teacher’s Conference


Recipient of Collaborative Doctoral Award from Warwick University – 2019 – present

MA in Theatre and Education Studies – Warwick University – 2015-2017 – Outstanding

BA in Theatre and Performance Studies – Warwick University – 2010-2013 – 1st Class