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Defy the Stereotypes

What is the Human Library?

The Human Library aims to establish a positive framework and safe space for dialogue between readers and a Human Book. The concept is based on personal conversation rather than a presentation or lecture. It is not just a story, it’s an engagement and interaction, a Q&A from a lived perspective.

Why the Human Library?

The Human Library helps to overcome stigma, combat prejudice, dismantle stereotypes, inform ignorance, clarify misconceptions, debunk myths, end discrimination, and challenge negative attitudes through conversations with Human Books.

Why you should become a Human Book?

Do you defy a stereotype? Are you like an open book and willing to talk to others to help challenge stigma and stereotyping? Then why not apply to become a Human Book and share your experiences with others in our University of Warwick Human Library event!

Tue 25 Feb 2020, 14:43 | Tags: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, SCAPVC