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CW907 Long Project

Convenor: Tim Leach and Alison Kennedy
Supervisors to be allocated on an individual basis

This module is for aspiring writers who are eager to take on the challenges of a larger piece of work - a novel, a novella, a collection of poetry, or any other form for which we can offer proper support in the department.

The student will plan, draft, and edit a large scale writing project. This module requires a high level of personal organisation and independent learning, but is the ideal opportunity for the student to develop some of the skills that writers need to complete more complex works, both in terms of craft (e.g. high level structural understanding, consistency of voice) and process (e.g. writing discipline and editorial mentality).


There will be six masterclasses throughout the three terms:

Term One:
Basic Elements of Prose
Basic Creation of Character
Term Two:
Maintenance - of the author and of the work
Term Three:
Presenting Your Work in Public

Workshop on Workshops

In the third term, each student will be assigned a supervisor who will offer them one-to-one tutorials. In addition to helping students begin, redraft, and polish their work, tutors will offer students reading lists that are tailored to the students' particular needs and interests. The interaction with the supervisor mimics the relationships that a writer has with agents and editors in the professional world.


Students will be assessed via a 14,000 word creative portfolio (or the equivalent in poetry) and a 2000 word accompanying essay.

NB: This is a double-weighted module (equates to 2 modules, or 60 CATS)