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MA in Writing - Application FAQs

Is there a Submission Deadline for applications?

No. To ensure applying before the course reaches capacity, we recommend you apply April-June.

What do I have to submit in the Portfolio?

The Portfolio is the most important part of the application. It's through your writing that we can see whether we are a good fit for you. This can be up to 5000 words of fiction or non-fiction, 20 pages of poetry, or a combination of forms. It is completely up to you what you write about. However, please do not send formal essays.

I can't see a box on the application to submit my Portfolio. What do I do?

You can submit it with your personal statement - just start a new page and title it clearly.

Can I submit past assignments or work that I did for other courses?

Yes. Submit your best writing! However, as mentioned above, please do not submit formal research essays, unless directly related to your Creative Practice. We do see research papers and essays as creative work, but we want to see a sample of fiction, non-fiction or poetry.

I've previously studied a University degree that is unrelated to literature or writing. Can I still apply?

We can make special cases depending on a combination of factors: the quality of your writing shown in your portfolio, your marks or academic profile, relevant experience and references. We understand that the will to write can come at any point in time. We invite experimentation, and we always aim to have a diverse cohort of students.

I am a mature student and have been away from higher education for some time. Can I still apply?

We can make a case depending on the factors outlined just above.

Can I use the MA to continue a Book Project that I have already started?

Yes, you can (during the 'Long Project', which is our Dissertation Equivalent), though we encourage students to start new projects or try out new forms once they are in the MA.

So, how do I start the application process?
2) Create an account and log in.
3) Click 'Course Search'.
4) Click ONLY the little circle on 'Postgraduate Taught' and leave everything else as is.
5) You should get a list. At the very end you'll find (Writing MA, P-Q3P7). Click on that.
6) Choose full time or part time accordingly to begin your application.
Who do I get in touch with if I have further questions that are not answered here?

Get in touch with the Writing Programme at