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Prospective Students


Imagine being able to contribute meaningfully to debates about the world's most pressing problems; being able to use your expertise, skills and knowledge to help governments and industry meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The United Nations predicts that the world population will grow from six to nine billion between the years 2000 to 2050, with the next few decades predicted to witness significant transformations.

Such transformations will occur across social equality, individual well-being, cultural cohesion, migration, governance, environmental change, and the production, distribution and use of food, materials and resources.

These challenges are interconnected and cannot be solved in isolation. It has been identified by employers that there is a need for graduates who can consider these global challenges from different perspectives, understanding their complexity and enganing competently with a variety of approaches and potential solutions.

How Does Our Degree Provide a Solution?

Warwick's BASc in Global Sustainable Development takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining global issues, looking at the different solutions offered, their implications, limitations and interconnectivity.

As part of this degree, you will be able to work with others studying different disciplines to explore the environmental, social and economic aspects of an issue, and develop your own independent research project focusing on the issues that interest you most.

The degree structure includes a comprehensive research methods training programme that is fully integrated into the course.

You can choose to spend part of your second year overseas at one of our partner insitutions, including a leading university in Australia.

Open Days

Our next open days are Friday 22 June and Saturday 23 June 2018, which are aimed at students looking to join us for study in 2020.

We will be running bookable information sessions in The Oculus, bookable sample sessions which aim to convey the distinctive teaching and learning style adopted on the course and a drop-in (i.e. booking not required) Q&A session in the Ramphal Building. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to attend an open day or find out more about them, please check all of the information on the Warwick Open Days webpage.

Visit Days

Unable to make an Open Day? The University also has 'Visit Days', where prospective students are invited to campus and can meet with admissions, recruitment, and other student services staff members. If you are planning to attend a Visit Day and would like to chat with Global Sustainable Development staff, please contact us at globalsustainabledev at warwick dot ac dot uk. Please click here for more information on Visit Days.

Independent Visits

You are always welcome to visit the campus and take a self-guided tour. If you are planning on visiting campus, we may be able to arrange for you to meet with a member of Global Sustainable Development staff. Please contact us at globalsustainabledev at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Offer Holders

Once you have received an offer from us, you will be invited to an Offer Holder Open Day. You will be able to meet Global Sustainable Development staff, participate in a sample class, take a guided tour of campus, and receive practical information about life at Warwick.

Please note that you must book online to attend. The dates of Offer Holder Days and information about how to book will be sent to Offer Holders via email shortly after the offer is made.

Hear about our degree from a student's perspective on Meredith's student blog.