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Global Sustainable Development at Warwick

Students Walk downstairs in Ramphal Building
Our Focus

Do you agree that humanity has reached a point where passivity is no longer an option? [´╗┐statement of department's vision here]

Our Courses
Global Sustainable Development offers two streams of undergraduate study: Single Honours and Joint Honours. Our Single Honours BASc degree allows you to delve deep into the core concepts that structure global sustainable development, such as food security, planetary boundaries, and social justice and human rights. Our Joint Honours stream offers you the chance to combine the unique interdisciplinary approach of GSD with a more conventional degree programme.

Our Students

Aspiration, determination, and enthusiasm defines our students. Our GSD courses bring together students from across the world, with a diverse array of opinions and academic interests. You can meet some of our current GSD students below.

Placeholder Rhys Hillan (Final Year)
  • Studying Global Sustainable Development (Single Honours, transferring from Psychology and GSD)
  • Three words to describe a GSD Degree:
  • Favourite Module:
  • Student Societies:
  • Top Tip for Prospective Students:
  • SDG you feel most connected to:


  • Career Aspiration:
  • Favourite place to get coffee on campus:
  • Recent Research:
Placeholder Dee Yong Chng (Final Year)

  • Studying: Global Sustainable Development and Economics
  • Three words to describe a GSD Degree: challenging, unexpected, and accountability
  • Favourite Module: GD104 - Economic Principles of Global Sustainable Development. In GD104, you learn how and why conventional economics is not suited to the real world, and what the alternatives could be.
  • Student Societies: Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts, a great society if you want to feel part of a family.
  • Top Tip for Prospective Students: don't just worry about the university league table rankings, choose a course that is right for you. Research the course structure and especially what modules are offered - will they inspire you to learn?
  • SDG you feel most connected to: Our oceans are important not just because of the ecosystem services they provide but the fact that so much is unexplored and we still have so much to learn. If I hadn't studied GSD, I would have studied Marine Biology!

SDG 14

  • Career Sector Interests: Law (but with a heart!), especially environmental and human rights law.
  • Favourite place for coffee on campus:
  • Student Research: presented evidence on the sustainability a large pharmaceutical company in a mock court trial. This was part of the Social Principles of Global Sustainable Development module. I'm also hoping to focus my final year dissertation on the cultural sacrifices made by communities as a result of environmental conservation, especially in Africa.
The University of Warwick
  • Over 25,000 students enrolled.
  • Ranked 4th in Europe in Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings (2018).
  • Ranked 8th in The Guardian's UK University League Table (2018).

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Gibbet Hill pathway

"Our vision for these courses is grounded in critical and innovative thinking, promoting the transformation and construction of society"

Professor Cathia Jenainati
Academic Director

Cathia Jenainati