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What is Global Sustainable Development?

The United Nations defines Global Sustainable Development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

The world’s population is predicted to grow from six to nine billion between the years 2000 to 2050, with the next few decades predicted to witness significant transformations in economic growth, international relations, human development, biodiversity, human health, and social justice.

Employers and policy makers increasingly need graduates who can consider these national and global challenges from different perspectives, understand their complexity and engage competently with a variety of approaches and potential solutions.

Our Global Sustainable Development degrees address the key issues that all the world’s nations have identified as central to our future. They equip you with the expertise, skills and knowledge that enable you to contribute meaningfully to the debates about these big problems, so that you can make a real difference to the world.

Find out what our courses can offer by checking out the Degree Overview and Course Structure sections on this website, as well as listening to our GSD Radio Podcast.


Mon 19 Feb '18
'A Sustainable Serenissima' by Bryan Brazeau featured in GLOBUS

The School for Cross-Faculty Studies' student-run magazine GLOBUS features an article by Dr Bryan Brazeau, titled 'A Sustainable Serenissima'.

"Degree programmes at Warwick, particularly in the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, are continually innovating, expanding, and evolving. A Sustainable Serenissima is an introduction to a new and upcoming module, centred on the study of Venice, offered by the School, written by the Module Convenor, Dr. Bryan Brazeau. As a cultural capital situated on an island, Venice is a hub for themes explored by Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development." (T Olive, Editor)

Fri 09 Feb '18
Global Sustainable Development Year 12 Essay Competition

We are pleased to open our annual Essay Competition for Year 12 students with an interest in Global Sustainable Development. Entrants this year have the choice of the following essay titles, as suggested by our current students:

  1. As the negotiations around Brexit are ongoing, what issues of Sustainable Development should our leaders be concerned with?

  2. “The expression ‘Think Global Act Local’ offers the best guidance to achieving Global Sustainable Development”. Discuss.

  3. To what extent is Global Sustainable Development primarily about how we manage environmental resources?

The competition deadline is 30th March 2018, and entrants can submit their essay online now.

We look forward to reading the entries, and wish the students the best of luck.

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