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IP204 The Apocalyptic Imaginary

Module leader: Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper
  • Optional module
  • 15 CATS
  • Term 2
  • 10 weeks
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Important information

This module will be running in the academic year 2022-23.

This module uses transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning approaches to support you to generate problems arising from a range of narratives about the end of the world, and to consider how these problems reflect complex concerns about individuality, morality, the social contract, and the afterlife. Beginning with historical mythological narratives and encompassing religious, political, and ecological apocalyptic theories and scenarios through to the modern day, this module will encourage you to think in transdisciplinary ways about the roles played by apocalyptic narratives in historical and modern societies. The module will make use of literary, religious, philosophical and historical texts, films, music, images, environmental science data, news and social media, and political narratives to encourage you to develop comparative analytical skills and think across disciplinary boundaries.

    "Apocalyptic Imaginary was one of my favourite modules at Warwick. The topics and set readings were so interesting and we got to explore so many different ideas and concepts that would have never occurred to me otherwise! This module has made watching a zombie movie an entirely different experience for me!"

    Cymroan | Liberal Arts Graduate

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