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Liberal Arts Virtual Year Book 2022

Liberal Arts Class of 2022 in their gowns throwing their mortar boards in the air
  • This virtual yearbook has been created to record the thoughts and reflections of the Liberal Arts Class of 2022 and our staff. If you would like to submit your own message and photo, please see our student form and our staff form.
  • Please note, the views expressed on this page are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of the Liberal Arts Department at the University of Warwick.

Dissertation acknowledgements

We have selected several acknowledgements to share from our graduates' dissertations:

Supervisee: Tireni Odubiyi

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Harris

"To my personal tutor and supervisor, Dr Kirsten Harris. Thank you for guiding me through the raging storm that is a final-year dissertation. Your counsel and assurance were critical to every stage of this project. It was not easy, but it was worthwhile."

Supervisee: Krishna Gokani

Supervisors: Dr Lauren Bird and Dr William Rupp

"I would like to give special thanks to my supervisors Dr Lauren Bird and Dr William Rupp. This dissertation would not have been possible without their dedication and constant interest in my research over the past year of writing this dissertation. They never failed to provide enthusiasm and moral support when I found myself struggling. I could not have asked for better supervisors."

Supervisee: Isabelle Hilyer-Jones

Supervisor: Dr Bryan Brazeau

"I would like to thank my supervisor Dr Bryan Brazeau for his constant reassurance and encouragement, in relation to this dissertation specifically but also generally throughout my three years of study."

Supervisee: Louise Rossetti

Supervisor: Dr Bryan Brazeau

"Above all, I want to thank my supervisor Dr Bryan Brazeau. Aside from his incessant and continuous academic support, which has made me intellectually grow in ways I did not think were possible, I want to thank him for his kindness, and for always showing me that my thoughts are valuable. His support has given me the confidence to pursue a very ambitious project, his continuous interest in my work has made me develop a passion for writing: I would not be the academic I am today without his extraordinary help."

Supervisee: Matilda Oduntan

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Harris

"Thank you Dr Kirsten Harris, my supervisor, for being so supportive and patient over this dissertation journey and throughout my degree."

Supervisee: Anna Colville

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten Harris

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Kirsten for all of the time, patience, and advice that you have given to me during this past year, but also throughout my whole undergraduate experience."

Supervisee: Oliver Custis

Supervisors: Dr Lauren Bird and Dr William Rupp

"I would like to thank both my supervisors, Dr Lauren Bird and Dr William Rupp, their advice and guidance throughout the dissertation process have enabled me to produce a dissertation I am proud of."

Supervisee: Maddy Grist

Supervisor: Dr William Rupp

"I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr Will Rupp, who was nothing short of brilliantly supportive and always managed to muster up some words of motivation when I needed them most!"

Supervisee: Kushil Pindoria

Supervisors: Dr Lauren Bird and Dr William Rupp

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisors, William Rupp and Lauren Bird for their guidance and assistance throughout this dissertation. It was Lauren’s Sustainability module that first stemmed my interest in the area and led me to undertake this research."