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What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts education has a long history in Western civilisation. In its oldest form, it involved students thinking philosophically about questions that crossed the rigid boundaries of disciplines, and encouraged them to use critical tools from the humanities, the social and natural sciences, and fine arts to address these questions.

It enables you to study a wide range of subjects and to create a pathway through the degree that reflects your individual intellectual interests, allowing for flexibility in module choices and innovation in subject specialism. You will become aware of how different disciplines coincide and converge and you will learn to address questions by deploying the most appropriate methodology and utilising the most relevant evidence.

The course will appeal to you if you approach problems from the perspective of more than one discipline and enjoy thinking about the Big Questions that are facing our contemporary society and the world at large.

Our course is constructed around Problem-Based-Learning (PBL), which involves learning about a subject through problem-solving. PBL also allows for a continual revising of the course to suit your particular learning needs.

Find out what our courses can offer by checking out the Degree Overview and Course Structure sections on this website.


'Schools of Athens: Liberal Arts and Global Challenges' by Bryan Brazeau featured in GLOBUS

The School for Cross-Faculty Studies' student-run magazine GLOBUS features an article by Dr Bryan Brazeau, titled 'Schools of Athens: Liberal Arts and Global Challenges'.

Liberal Arts Students Published in 'Reinvention'

Three Warwick Liberal Arts students have been published in the September BLASTER Special Issue of 'Reinvention', a special issue which celebrates the research carried out by undergraduate students at universities involved in the BLASTER project.

Liberal Arts Symposium 24-25 September 2017

We are proud to be hosting an ERASMUS+ funded event to showcase our findings from two years of research on integrating Student-led Research into Undergraduate curricula of Liberal Arts programmes in Europe.

Congratulations to our new student cohort!

We would like to welcome you to the Liberal Arts Department and look forward to seeing you in October!


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