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IP108 Qualitative Methods for Undergraduate Research

Module leader: Dr Kirsten Harris
  • Core module
  • Term 1 | 10 weeks
  • 15 CATS
  • Two workshop hours per week
  • Not available to students outside the School for Cross-faculty Studies

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This module will introduce you to key theories and debates around research in the arts, humanities and social sciences but will also equip you with a practical 'toolkit' of interdisciplinary research methods and practices which you will put to use throughout your degree. You'll explore different philosophical approaches to qualitative research (the qualitative/interpretive assessment of information/data), and its practical application across a range of disciplines including literary studies, history, cultural studies, visual studies and social research. You'll be introduced to the ambiguities associated with the truth-claims made by qualitative research methods, as well as the opportunities they offer for a richer interpretation of the human condition.

This first-year module aims to introduce you to a range of research methods employed in the Arts and Humanities and to offer opportunities to practise using some of these methods in practical assignments.

The module’s aims complement those of the Certificate of Digital Literacy where you learn to conduct research using approaches from Digital Humanities.

  Please note: Module availability and staffing may change year on year depending on availability and other operational factors. The School for Cross-faculty Studies makes no guarantee that any modules will be offered in a particular year, or that they will necessarily be taught by the staff listed on these pages.