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Liberal Arts Optional Module Choice Form

This form is for all students (both Liberal Arts and External Students) for regular pre-registration. It will close on Friday, 10th May at 12 noon GMT.

Liberal Arts and GSD students:

If you have already registered in the priority pre-registration phase, please do not register for the same modules again; though, please see note below on new modules now available - if you would like to take these, please fill in the form again. If you did not get around to registering during the priority phase, you may register now.

Please note that two new modules are now available, which were not yet confirmed in the priority phase:

  • IP280 - Intersectionality and Power (now available for students who will be in Y2 in 2024-2025) (Now full - Waitlist open)

  • IP396 - Health and Wellbeing across the life course (a pilot module that will be taught with both Undergraduates and Postgraduates - NB the module outline below is the Postgraduate version - the Undergraduate version will be similar but with different learning outcomes and assessments appropriate to UG level).

As a reminder, all students in Liberal Arts who began in 2023-2024 and later must take at least 45 CATS (3) optional modules between year 2 and final year.

External Students:

You are very welcome to register for any of the modules below. Unless indicated on the module page / form, there are no pre-requisites for these modules. Please note: you must obtain the permission of your home department to register for these modules. Once you have received permission, please forward this to no later than 17th May. Students who do not have permission from their home department will be de-registered from the modules.

All students:

Please note that each choice indicates interest in that module (e.g. if you fill in all choices, it will be assumed that you would like to register for all modules).

Modules that are part of the SCFS Venice Programme (IP315 and 317) are not indicated below as these will be taught in summer 2025 for credit towards 2025-2026 (again with priority registration for LA and GSD students in October 2024 - so you may wish to start thinking about these now if you'd like to sign up for a space). More information on these is available here: WIISP Modules (look up "A Sustainable Serenissima" and "Venice: Resistance and Representation."

Students who are taking a Liberal Arts or GSD degree will have precedence for places on modules over those from external departments.

The deadline for completing the form is midday on Friday 10th May 2024 at 12 noon.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at You may also wish to email the module convenors, or to speak with us at the module fair in the FAB on Tuesday, 30th April from 1-4 p.m.

Liberal Arts Module Information:

For Information on the modules offered in 24/25 please click on the links below:

IP280Link opens in a new window / IP380 — Intersectionality and Power – Dr. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero (15 CATS - Term 1) (Module Full - Waitlist Open)

IP309 - Quantitative Methods - Understanding Relationships in Data - Dr. Lauren Bird (15 CATS - Term 1)Link opens in a new window

IP211Link opens in a new window / 311Link opens in a new window — Emotion: Thinking with Feeling – Dr. Kim Lockwood-Clough (15 CATS - Term 2) (Module Full - Waitlist Open)

IP312 – The Quest 1: Departures and Heroic Journeys —Dr. Bryan Brazeau (15 CATS - Term 1)Link opens in a new window

IP313 – The Quest 2: Exile and Homecoming — Dr. Bryan Brazeau (15 CATS - Term 2)Link opens in a new window

IP226Link opens in a new window / IP326Link opens in a new window— The Liquid Continent— Dr. William Rupp (15 CATS - Term 2)

IP227Link opens in a new window / IP327Link opens in a new window — Do you hear the people sing? Revolution and the Modern Musical — Dr. William Rupp
(15 CATS - Term 2)
(Module full)

IP396 – Health and Wellbeing Across the Life Course (15 CATS - Term 2)Link opens in a new window
(please note, IP396 module will be an undergraduate version of the postgraduate module linked to here. Both Undergraduates and Postgraduates will study together on the module.

How do we teach in Liberal Arts?

Please visit our External Students page to find out more about our teaching style in Liberal Arts.

This form is closed.