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Our Students


François Desaulle

French Flag

Second year
Nationality: French
Languages: French, English and some Spanish
Disciplinary Interest: Economics

I have always liked travelling and discovering new cultures but it can be hard to really immerse yourself in a different environment for a long period of time when you have to go back to your regular life after a few weeks. I have chosen to do a study abroad placement because I think it is a great opportunity to discover a new culture, meet new people and get out of my comfort zone.

People don't always get the opportunity to live abroad for an extended period of time and I believe that when the opportunity presents itself, it's best to seize it. I have chosen to spend my year abroad in Hong Kong because Asia is the fastest growing economic region and I believe that it is and will be important in the future to have an understanding of how this region operates.



Saskia Kaltenbrunner

Second Year
Nationality: Austrian

Languages: German, Spanish, English & French
Specialist Interest: Social Justice

I wanted to make the most of the year abroad, and I couldn’t decide which one to do as I wanted to do both a study abroad and a work placement within the same year. The department made it happen so that I could do the two. I’ll be starting at my work placement in Austria, and then doing the study abroad in Russia. Through the language centre I’ve been taking Russian classes, and they have a partnership with the University I will be going to.

I liked the idea of going to Russia, to live in a country that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see so easily, and to continue learning the language. I’m hoping that my time there will mean that I can have a proper conversation in Russian, as I’ll be studying purely language courses for four months.