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Transcript: Student experience

Cindy (Liberal Arts student): “The reason why I chose to study Liberal Arts here at Warwick is because this is such an interdisciplinary programme and they teach you a process of learning rather than accumulative knowledge.”

Freddie (Liberal Arts student): “So I decided to study Liberal Arts because of the breadth of modules that I could do. So I could choose things from business taxation all the way to understanding how the sociology of science actually operates and kind of critique the assumptions that we make when it comes to science. So that kind of breadth is the reason why I chose Liberal Arts.”

Olamide (Liberal Arts student): “So I think that liberal Arts here offers me the opportunity to get a more holistic education. So I can look at things from a variety of perspectives, a variety of disciplines. For example, in our Art and Revolution module, we’re looking at history but not just from a historical perspective. We’re looking through different frameworks, at different art forms and theorists, which I think just offers like a really engaging educational perspective.”

Freddie: “The Liberal Arts programme at Warwick is a lot more defined. So the biggest problem with Liberal Arts elsewhere is the capacity for you to not have certain core modules to guide you through the rest of it. So the fact that you understood the qualitative and quantitative studies in first year at Warwick gave me a good basis for how to select other things moving forward.”

Olamide: “I think the one thing that surprised me about Liberal Arts is how much I enjoyed the core modules so they are about subject matters that I wouldn’t necessarily sign up to by myself. For example, Science, Society, and the Media talks a lot about science and I definitely don’t have a scientific background, but looking at it through the lenses that we have, through different theorists, has been really enjoyable.

“So here at Warwick the Liberal Arts community is really tight knit and we have four dedicated Liberal Arts personal tutors so it’s really easy to access them and get help if you need.”

Freddie: “What I’ve really appreciated about Liberal Arts, which I know doesn’t exist everywhere, is the constant care that they have for you as an individual. It’s not just your personality traits, it’s not just your pathway, it’s everything that encompasses you – your interests, your hobbies outside of Liberal Arts – that they genuinely care about and I’ve really appreciated over the three years.”

Cindy: “I’ve really enjoyed my experience here at Warwick. This is a very inclusive and multi-cultural university. Each one of my friends comes from a different background so they bring new and different perspectives to me.”

Olamide: “I think studying Liberal Arts has made me look at things from a multi-disciplinary perspective which I think will be really helpful after I graduate because I want to work in entertainment which is obviously a very fast-changing industry so it’s definitely helped me to be more adaptable.”