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Isleide Zissimos

Isleide Zissimos joined Warwick as a Teaching Fellow. Isleide is originally from Brazil, but has spent much of her career as a Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University, USA. At Vanderbilt Isleide became a fellow of the Center for Latin American Studies(CLAS), where she contributed to the teaching and outreach activities of the Center. CLAS has a remarkable concentration of Latin Americanists in fields that range from Anthropology to Engineering, with special strengths in Brazil, Central America, the Andes, and the Black Atlantic.

Isleide has a strong interest in the fields of Institutions, Trade and Economic Development. This interest led her to found the InsTED research network jointly with her husband. The objective of the network is to support the exchange of ideas between researchers working at the intersection of Institutions, Trade, and Economic Development. In 2016, Isleide moved to the UK and worked for University of Exeter as a Tutor in Economics for two years, before moving to Warwick.

Keywords: Economic Development, Institutions, International Economics, Political Economy