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Latin America at Warwick Network

With support from the Learning Development Centre's initiative for Research Active Staff networks, the ‘Latin America at Warwick Network’ is now active. The strong tradition of Latin American research at Warwick, which dates back nearly to the university’s founding, has built a strong collective of scholars here today focusing on the region. LAWN seeks to bring these scholars together, raising the profile of the modern and kinetic work taking place at Warwick, and creating a community surrounding that work.

LAWN aims to bring together academic staff and doctoral students from across campus, with the purpose of sharing ideas, encouraging collaboration for future projects, publications, and conferences, and creating a forum for discussion at an event held once per term, where staff, Early Career Fellows and doctoral students can benefit from and enjoy the advice and expertise of their colleagues. The network is animated by an inter-disciplinary character, with members associated with such faculties as history, economics, philosophy, literature, Hispanic studies, and politics (among others), and whose themes of research are as broad as: dictatorships, the drug trade, international economics, health, cannibalism, slavery, poetry, and far more.

The network focuses on both the Latin American mainland and the Hispanic Caribbean, and is led by Dr. Tom Long of Politics and International Studies and Professor Stéphanie Panichelli-Batalla of the School for Cross-Faculty Studies. Liana Beatrice Valerio, research assistant for the network, will be providing administrative support. Should you have any questions relating to the network, or if you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email: latinamericanetwork at warwick dot ac dot uk.