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PSLAC - Politics and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean


The group on Politics and Society in Latin-America and the Caribbean (PSLAC) is an inter-disciplinary effort set in by post-graduate students working on political, economic, and social matters in LAC at the University of Warwick. It brings together early-stage researchers through academic interaction, under the premise of extending collective knowledge by having a space of deliberation and discussion over the regional and international agenda in LAC.

The group is part of the initiative of the Latin America at Warwick Network (LAWN). It is based on the long tradition of research on LAC conducted at Warwick, built by an outstanding collective of scholars whose work focuses on the region.

Our proposal

We invite post-graduate researchers in social sciences working on economic, political and social matters in LAC to join the events. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity among our peers. We invite others to share their thoughts and developments over their own research in a friendly setting, opening a space for debate and knowledge creation. Besides, we present an opportunity for networking with people working in similar or related topics at the University of Warwick.

Reading group - January 2022 Call

(Closed to Warwick PGRs)

PGRs conducting research on LAC at Warwick, as well as senior staff also interested in such topics, will meet monthly in a closed event. During such sessions different academic developments will be shared and discussed, including recent findings, methodological queries, relevant literature, and other related academic activities. The space will serve as a setting for knowledge-building and addressing respectful critique.

Next meeting: TBA

Want to take part? Email us at: latinamericanetwork at warwick dot ac dot uk

Open events

Each academic term we organise two open events, online and/or face-to-face about a topic of interest. These are open for the guest to discuss current work or further research that pertains to different aspects of political, social or economic life in Latin-America.

Past events:

Organised crime in Mexico and the implications to the state
26 January 2022 / Online



  • Dra. Guadalupe Correa Cabrera (George Mason University) Author of "La guerra improvisada. Los años de Calderón y sus consecuencias" (2021) and "Zetas Inc." (2018)
  • Dr. Carlos Antonio Flores Pérez (CIESAS Ciudad de México) Author of "Negocios de sombras. Red de poder hegemónica, contrabando, tráfico de drogas y lavado dinero en Nuevo León" (2020) and "Historias de polvo y sangre. Génesis y evolución del tráfico de drogas en el estado de Tamaulipas" (2013)

'Ordenamiento' in post-Castro Cuba: Economic reform and political legitimacy

20 May 2021 / Online



  • Dr. Arturo López-Levy (Holy Names University). Author of "Raúl Castro and the New Cuba: A Close-Up View of Change"

Link to the video of the event here (access with a valid Warwick account)

Summer 2022 Conference

The main event of PSLAC for the period 2021-2022 will be a Summer Conference focused on Politics and Society in Latin-America and the Caribbean after Covid-19. The ambition is to invite early carrier academics and PGRs at Warwick and other universities working on Latin-America to share their work. The conference will be divided in different thematic sections to be jointly agreed by the members of the group, linked with the discussions, open sessions and other activities developed during the period. Three keynote senior speakers will be invited to take part during the conference.

Want to take part? Email us at: latinamericanetwork at warwick dot ac dot uk