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Tuesday 18 May 2021, 09.45-16.00, via Trello/Zoom.
Organised in collaboration with the University of Leicester and Nottingham Trent University. Funded by M4C.

This free, one-day, online workshop is open to all PhD students using/interested in using oral history in their research. The day is split into three sessions: two panels and one set of parallel workshops:

  • Panel 1: The context and boundaries of oral history projects
  • Panel 2: Parallel workshops (choose 1)
    • Workshop 1: Queering the British Library through oral history collections
    • Workshop 2: The challenges and possibilities of remote oral history
    • Workshop 3: Using primary and/or secondary oral history sources in your thesis
    • Workshop 4: Using audio-visual technology to capture and disseminate oral history
  • Panel 3: Navigating ethics and safeguarding questions: experiences from new researchers

Interested students are requested to email before 4 May to register. After 4 May, they will be sent an email requesting them to set up a profile on Trello, the platform through which the workshop will be organised. On Trello, they will find more information on speakers/sessions, a space to introduce themselves to other delegates with a small bio, and a space to ask any questions about the sessions they wish to attend. It is hoped session recordings will be made available on Trello for a short time after the workshop, too.

Until further notice, all OHN events will be held remotely. University guidance on the current situation can be found here:

Previous events

Since launching in June 2011, the OHN has put on a wide variety of talks and seminars.


  • 25 May, 'Queering oral and global history: LGBT+ immigrants of colour in Coventry', with Somak Biswas, Dipak Panchal, and Amal Malik
  • 24 February: 'Global technologies, local patients: challenges, reflexivity, and positionality', with Sara Bamdad
  • 26 October: 'Injustice: Stories from Post-Independence Africa', with Tanyaradzwa Kasinganeti, Teejae Mai, Temi 'Tori Talks' Toriola, and Evan Mawarire


  • 11 June: Online launch of 'Then & Now: Arts at Warwick', via Microsoft Teams - click here to watch again!
  • 28 January: 'Interviewing local NGOs and migrants: collecting data in the context of Central American migration in Mexico', with Erika Herrera-Rosales
  • 15 October: 'Queering the British Library', with Steven Dryden (British Library). Joint event with Queer History Warwick and The Library.


  • 29 May: 'Les raconteuses du Levant: untold stories of female Hakawatis and the challenges they pose to sustainable development discourse in the Arab-speaking world', with Prof. Cathia Jenainati
  • 6 March: 'Taking slices from their lives: the challenges of using life history as a research instrument/method', with Dr. Olayinka Egbokhare
  • 4 December: 'Working with memory to avoid repeating the horror', with Maria Luisa Ortiz


  • 2 July: Seminar: 'Muslim Mothers in Britain', with Dr. Sariya Cheruvallil
  • 21 February: Workshop: Hidden Stories of 21st Century Latin America and the Caribbean', organised by Dr. Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla.
  • November: 'Oral History Week'
    • 14 November: 'The Place of Birth: Mothers, Midwives, Birth Attendants and Choices about childbirth in C20 Uganda', with Dr. Kathleen Vongsathorn.
    • 15 November: 'Relaunch of the Oral History Network', with Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Dr. Kathleen Vongsathorn, and Prof. Alison Ribeiro de Menezes.
    • 16 November: The Vietnamese diaspora in Australia: Dr. Nathalie Nguyen in discussion


  • 3 Virtual Q&A sessions to discuss aspects of oral history theory and practice.


  • 26 June: Workshop: 'University Oral Histories: Creating and Interpreting Narratives of Higher Education', with Dr. Camilla Schofield, Dr. Lorraine Blakemore, and Dr. Richard Wallace.
  • 17 June: Oral History Clinic, with Dr. Angela Davis.

  • 18 May: Discussion Forum: 'Analysis and Interpretation' with Dr. Andrea Hajek.
  • 25 February: Seminar: 'Starting an Oral History Project' with Dr. Carmen Mangion and Dr. Richard Wallace.
  • 3 December: Discussion Forum: 'Oral History: the Basics' with Dr. Angela Davis and Dr. Grace Huxford.


  • 12 March: Seminar: '“You are here to interview me?” Oral history and writing the history of everyday life in the Holocaust', with Anna Hajkova.
  • 5 February: Seminar: 'Oral history crossing national boundaries: investigating belief and non-belief in three European countries', with Joanna Bornat.
  • 9 November: Conference: 'Representing Prisoner of War Experience', with Keynote Speakers: Prof. Bob Moore and Dr. Gilly Carr.
  • 20 September: Conference: 'Talking about protest: oral history methodology in social and political movements research', with Keynote Speaker: Prof. Lynn Abrams.


  • 3 June: Webinar: 'Oral history & ethnography', in collaboration with Monash University.
  • 12 March: Seminar: 'Oral history & institutional history - the Warwick project 'The Voice of the Past' (part 2)', with April Gallwey.
  • 22 November: Seminar: 'Oral history & institutional history - the Warwick project 'The Voice of the Past' (part 1)', with Richard Aldrich.


  • 9 July: Seminar: 'Oral history & the community', with Stacey Bains, Helen Ford, and Colin Hyde.
  • 24 February: IAS workshop: 'Narrating a Gendered Self in Post-War Britain'
  • 24 November: Conference: 'Gender, Subjectivity and Oral History', with Keynote Speaker: Professor Penny Summerfield.
  • 13 October: Seminar: 'What is oral history?', with Anna Davin.

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