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Pre-conference workshops 2019

Monday 13 May, 13:00 - 16:30


This year for the first time we are adding pre-conference workshops to the Education Conference event. Last year feedback clearly carried the message that 90 minutes wasn't quite long enough to think deeply into an issue. These workshops, which will take place on the afternoon of Monday 13 May, have been designed in response to this.

Workshops offer opportunities to explore more fully some key aspects of educational practice at Warwick, and represent some of our priorities 2018/19:



Educational Spaces at Warwick

Co-creating classrooms and learning environments for all

Jonathan Heron, Director of the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning; Scott Lloyd, Senior Assistant Registrar, Space Management; Michelle Small
Room: R1.03

This workshop will bring together community members from different parts of the university in order to consult on a new cross-faculty educational spaces project. The project team is in the process of creating design principles and minimum standards for Warwick classrooms, as a collaboration between IATL, WIHEA, Estates and Space Management. We are consulting with staff and students on guiding principles for future planning within the build environment and, in particular, through timetabled spaces. We would like colleagues with a practical experiences of teaching and learning to attend and share their views on a range of strategies to provide more inclusive spaces that foster a sense of 'belonging' for all users.

Anti-racist pedagogy

Mark Hinton (CLL) and Lydia Plath (History) with the ‘Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process in HE’ WIHEA Learning Circle
Room: R0.03

How can our practices in teaching and learning better acknowledge, confront and work against racism’s impact within and beyond HE?

How can we move beyond disapproval of racist outcomes in HE (ethnicity ‘attainment gaps’; euro-centric curricula; the extreme under-representation of Black people in professorial roles; etc.), towards pedagogies that effectively challenge embedded racisms in all of our disciplines and our academic cultures and make a real difference to the experiences of students of colour, to the understandings of all students, and to our disciplines, no matter their subject area?

And how can we build and sustain learning relationships (however experienced with or new to anti-racist pedagogies we may be), with colleagues, comrades and allies committed to resisting and dismantling racism through learning and teaching at Warwick?

The workshop will consider two key questions:

  1. What is an anti-racist pedagogy and why would we need one?
  2. How might we begin to implement an anti-racist pedagogy in our practice?

We will reflect on the nature of racism at Warwick and in the broader HE context; learn from each other’s practice; discuss strategies that may be of use in our classrooms; identify resources to assist our own future learning; and strategise about how to continue these conversations with a community at Warwick interested in developing (or in beginning) anti-racist pedagogical practice.

Assessment methods and assessment decision making

John Kirkman, Senior Academic Developer, Letizia Gramaglia, Learning and Development Manager, and Jennie Mills, Senior Academic Developer, Academic Development Centre, University of Warwick
Room: R2.41

This practical workshop is intended for module leaders/conveners who wish to devise or review assessment method(s) included in modules. It may also be of interest to programme or course leaders who wish to find out more about diversifying assessment.

The workshop has two main purposes:

  • To provide an opportunity to explore a range of assessment methods that could be integrated into the assessment of a module or course.
  • To provide experience of decision making processes in identifying assessment methods.

Starting with an MA1 form that is in development, under review or just an example, participants will be supported through a decision making process which will help them to identify suitable assessment methods. The workshop will include opportunities to discuss, using resources provided and with the support of facilitators, assessment methods in general and assessment specifically related to the participants’ example module.

Intercultural teaching and learning for home and international students

Professor Jo Angouri, Strategic Lead - Internationalisation, University of Warwick; Dr Janette Ryan, International Education Consultant and colleagues from the WIHEA Internationalisation Learning Circle.
Room: R0.14

This workshop will first outline the rapidly changing contexts of internationalisation of higher education and examine the challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning in culturally and linguistically divers classrooms and campuses. Participants will then explore issues in their own discipline are and identify and share ideas for practical and sustainable strategies to improve the learning experience for all students within their own practice and across the university more broadly.

Registration is now closed.

If you have any queries please contact Jennie Mills at