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Introduction to Comparative Judgement

As Director of Education at No More Marking, a former school teacher and the author of Teachers vs. Tech, Making Good Progress and Seven Myths about Education, Daisy Christodoulou has long-held interest in assessment and feedback.

In this session, she will introduce participants to the principle of comparative judgement - an alternative to conventional forms of marking.

According to No More Marking's website:

Marking does not work when it involves any degree of human judgement. This is due to a simple principle.

"There is no absolute judgement. All judgements are comparisons of one thing with another". (Human Judgement: The Eye of the Beholder by Donald Laming, p.9.)

Laming has shown that at best our judgements are ordinal. We can place things in an order, but scarcely more than this. Ask two people to apply a mark scheme and you will most likely get different marks. Ask people to place two scripts in order, and you will get more consistency.

This promises to be an engaging and thought provoking session. Any members of staff who teach are welcome to attend.

Date: Tuesday 9th February

Time: 2pm-3pm

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The following is taken from Daisy's on website:

I’m the Director of Education at No More Marking, a provider of online Comparative Judgement software for schools. I’m also the author of three books about education: Teachers vs Tech, Making Good Progress, and Seven Myths about Education.

Comparative Judgement is an innovative, reliable and quick way to assess essays. You can find out more about how it works on the No More Marking website.

Before joining No More Marking, I was Head of Assessment at Ark Schools, a group of academy schools in the UK, and before that, I was a secondary English teacher in London.

I’ve written three books about education, Seven Myths about Education, Making Good Progress, and Teachers vs Tech. Find out more about them here.

You can read more about me in this profile from Schools Week and this one from the Guardian. You can contact me via Twitter @daisychristo.

In 2007 I was the captain of Warwick’s winning University Challenge team. You can see a video of the final here.