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Laughing all the way to the class: using stand-up in micro-teach scenarios

We all get nervous, especially when it comes to job interviews. ‘Micro-teach’ scenarios, short teaching auditions, are becoming more and more a part of interview processes. So, how will your session stand out from the crowd of candidates?

‘Laughing all the way to class’ seeks to show you how to use stand-up comedy techniques in these scenarios, not just by being memorably funny but to confidently own a room in a short time using the principles of the so-called ‘tight 5’.

This session is aimed at anyone who teaches and/or would like to be gainfully employed doing so, and will feature a real life comedian, James Evans, working alongside WATE award winning tutor, Roxanne Douglas, to help you confidently approach the demands of the ‘micro-teach’. The techniques that we develop in this session can be applied to, but are not limited to, lecturing, tutorials, networking, and storytelling at the pub.

Alignment to UKPSF: A1, A4, K2, V4

Date: 09/05/19

Time: 12:15 - 15:00

Venue: Teaching Grid Collaborative Area

Roxanne Douglas

James Evans

photo_15-10-2017_15_39_55.jpg james.jpg
I am currently a PhD candidate with the English and Comparative Literature Department. My research project, Stories of Paradox and Exposure: Second Wave Arab Feminist Writing focuses on Arab women’s writing from the 1980s onward, in translation. My first teaching role was as a private tutor teaching English as a second language, and then I worked as a sessional cover teacher in a special educational needs college. For the last three years I have taught across faculties and departments such as English & Comparative Literatures, Liberal Arts, IATL and the Law School. I have also delivered several CDP sessions for tutors at Warwick, including topics such as supporting academic writing, and using risk in the classroom. I am passionate about championing mental health in education, as well as just introducing a bit of fun into HE! James is an experienced presentations coach & occasional comedian who has worked with academics, creatives and executives. He's worked with people of all abilities and is always keen to create a safe space for people to learn and build their skills. His aim is to get people where they want to be with their speaking, presentation (and comedic!) skills as quickly as possible.

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