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Previous Science TLS

March 2016 -- Teaching excellence and anticipating TEF


  • Nicolas Barker (Chemistry)
  • Rebecca Freeman (SLS)
  • Mario Micallef (Maths)
  • David Mond (Maths)
  • Katherine Gray (representing Christina Hughes)

November 2015 -- What are we getting wrong? Discussions of pedagogic experiements that didn't go to plan plus a workshop discussion on practical ways forward for the NSS


  • Lorenzo Frigerio (SLS)
  • Elena Riva (Chemistry)
  • Ian Tuersley (WMG)
  • Dave Wood (Maths)

March 2015 -- What are we getting right? Sharing best practice

February 2014 -- Assessment and Feedback II

November 2013 -- Assessment for Learning

2013/2013 -- Inaugural Science Showcase / Moodle / Community Engagement