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A Masterclass in Student Satisfaction and Engagement: Students as Partners, Collaborators and Producers by Dr Justin Greaves

This Masterclass took place on Monday 30th November, Teaching Grid (Library).

A summary of the session:

This session will focus on the student experience agenda in the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS), centred around the role of Director of Student Experience and Progression (DSEP) over the past three years. In this time PAIS has become one of the top performing Warwick departments in the National Student Survey (NSS). Far from encouraging ‘consumerism’, NSS can be used to drive up academic standards and academic rigour and pursue a ‘radical’ and ‘progressive’ agenda of students as partners, collaborators and creative producers. This is particularly relevant in the context of the HE Green Paper and the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

The session will also illustrate how we have responded to feedback, involved our students in decision-making, and built a strong sense of community, identity and belonging. It will include contributions from PAIS students Cindy Asokan, Trusha Chauhan, and Jason Tran talking about the opportunities they have been given and how they have contributed to the life and success of the department.

With the NSS opening at Warwick in February (and TEF on the way), this will be a timely session. The focus throughout will be on sharing best practice to allow the University and all our students to succeed, delivering on the best possible student experience with high levels of student satisfaction and engagement, and by engaging with all our students as partners and collaborators.

You can now watch the Masterclass below:


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This event is organised by the Learning and Developpment Centre (LDC) and the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA)