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Moving assessment online

At its meeting on 07 October 2020, the Senate approved a commitment to continuing online assessment as the University’s preferred approach going forward. While there will be some exceptions to this prompted by PSRBs (Professional and Statutory Regulatory Body), online assessment methods will replace the majority of on-campus examinations this year and in subsequent years. This will shape how the University implements its previously agreed policies on assessment strategies, including the diversification of assessment methods, in the coming years.

Online workshops: Thinking through online assessment

ADC will be running online workshops in June to support Module Leaders and Directors of Studies to choose effective alternative online assessment methods which:

  • are technically feasible;

  • minimise assessment offences as far as possible through good assessment design;

  • minimise assessment load;

  • are inclusive and take of students with disabilities, and;

  • continue to meet intended learning outcomes.

Workshop format

Each workshop will be split into two distinct sections:

Part 1: will identify key issues and principles of good practice when designing online assessment practice, drawing upon the evidence-base provided by educational research and offering illustrative examples and case studies. There will be specific focus on academic integrity and inclusivity, and each session will feature a brief Q&A session.

Part 2: will provide opportunities for participants to 'break out' for facilitated discussion of these issues and approaches in light of their own context.

Participants can choose to attend either or both parts of the workshop.

Dates and registration forms

Wednesday 16 June 2021, 10:30 - 12:30 You can register via this link.